uPVC sliding windows




PSK doors are an interesting alternative to balcony doors as they can be tilted and slid.

HST 85.png

HST 85

Energy efficient sliding door system.

Multi Slide.png

Multi Slide

In small room where there is no space to install balcony windows with a leaf opening inwards, we recomment to install a sliding system...

System harmonijkowy.png

Folding system

​​An interesting way to provide a passage to your garden, terrace, or balcony.

HST 70.png

HST 70

Sliding doors provide the highest level of functionality and aesthetics. 

Smrt slide.png

Smart Slide

​​Sliding doors based on the Smart Slide system thanks to a simple and innovative closing mechanism...

EvolutionDrive 82.png

EvolutionDrive 82

A lift and slide door system that allows production of large glazing while maintaining good thermal parameters.

Duo Slide.png

Duo Slide

An economic system that can successfully substitute traditional windows.