HST 85

Energy efficient sliding door system. Enables you to create large glazed structures while maintaining excellent thermal insulation. Available in three versions: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The only HST system allowing you to install Aluskin aluminium covers.


  • installation depth: 197 mm,

  • max. weight of the active leaf: 400 kg

  • number of guiding rails: 1 or 2,

  • max. leaf dimensions: 3 x 2.5 m

  • max. structure dimensions: 6700 x 2700 mm (white structures)*,

  • max. structure dimensions: 6700 x 2500 mm (coloured structures)*,

  • glazing with glass packages of 20 to 51 mm width,

  • aluminium guiding rails,

  • integrated gaskets system,

  • two anti-burglary bolts as standard,

  • aluminium reinforcement, rectangular sections,

  • a pane-mounted ventilator can be installed,

  • a motor-driven bolt lock can be installed,

  • multiple threshold available,

  • can be veneered on one side, two sides, and in a duo-colour formula.

  • aluminium covers can be used,

  • a low threshold can be installed,

  • recommended for energy efficient construction.


  • *Larger structures can be produced. Contact the Technology Department for production availability.