Folding system

An interesting way to provide a passage to your garden, terrace, or balcony. Our folding systems are very easy to use, at the same time acting as a unique decorative element. Available in a wide variety of colours.


  • consisting of 3 to 6 leafs,

  • max. leaf weight: 130 kg

  • 6 running rollers,

  • insulated running rollers made of PVC,

  • constructed based on Ideal 4000 system,

  • structures up to 5300 mm long are available*,

  • optimal anti-burglary class,

  • hinges with covered threaded connections, adjustable vertically and horizontally,

  • easy and silent operation,

  • 9 constructional schemes available,

  • single leafs can be tilted and opened.


  • *Larger structures can be produced. Contact the Technology Department for production availability.