Multi Slide

In small room where there is no space to install balcony windows with a leaf opening inwards, we recomment to install a sliding system as it will let us gain some space. One of the inexpensive systems on our offer is the Multi Slide system.


  • the frame depth – 80 (Aluplast colour palette), 96 mm or 170 mm (only veneered or the so-called mass cream colour that is creamy plastic),

  • glazed units from 4 to 33 mm in width,

  • the maximum weight of a glazed unit – 60 kg,

  • the maximum size of a glazed unit – 700 x 2300 mm or 1300 x 1950 mm,

  • the maximum size of the sliding door – 3200 x 2200 mm*,

  • the number of sliding tracks – 2 or 3,

  • possible duo-colour veneering,

  • a simple sliding function of the units,

  • brush gaskets used where a panel reaches a frame and between the panels.


  • *It is possible to construct bigger structures with a prior approval of the technological department.