Visoglide Plus

A system of sliding doors recommended for energy-efficient constructions. Two-rail and three-rail structures are available. A characteristic feature of the Visoglide Plus system is its extremely narrow labyrinth stud.


  • system includes a thermal break;

  • leaf depth – 51 mm;

  • standard rail frame depth of 117.7 mm;

  • special rail frame depth of 125.4 mm;

  • monorail frame depth of 141.6 mm;

  • glazing from 6 to 36 mm thick;

  • three-chamber profile structure;

  • extremely narrow labyrinth stud of 34 mm;

  • bicolour structures available;

  • maximum leaf weight up to 250 kg for the sliding system;

  • maximum leaf weight up to 200 kg for the lift-and-slide system;

  • two-rail and three-rail structures available.