This system is intended largely for installation in new construction projects with the roller shutter integration already planned at the design engineering stage for the best finish value. The system ensures superior thermal insulation, as it does not penetrate the structure of the window, the lintel, or the door leaf. This keeps the energy balance of the building as designed. The system blends in perfectly with the façade finish. The options include roller insect screens and curtain sections made of the material chosen by the customer.


Shutter sections:

  • Aluminium PU-foam filled sections;

  • height: 39 mm to 52 mm,

  • thickness: 9 mm to 13 mm


Box form: square


Box design: aluminium sheet, size: 137x137, 150x150, 165x165, 180x180, or 205x205

with roller insect screen: 165x165, 180x180, or 205x205


Curtain type: aluminium or PVC


Access hatch: 1, from the bottom


Guide rails: aluminium


Installation anchor bolts: no


Weather-resistant: yes


Sound-proof: no


Thermal insulation: no


Drive: electric motor or manual gear


Roller insect screen: optional accessory


Max. box width: 4500 mm
Min. box width: 500 mm
The width and height of the integrated roller insect screen is restricted.