Windows designed for installation in the insulation layer. The thickness of insulation does not pose a challenge as the Monoblock frames are available in a few variants of width. These windows are dedicated for the French market.


  • the profile depth: 102, 122, 142 or 162 mm,

  • a 5-chamber structure of a sash,

  • the system of 2 gaskets,

  • in our standard version: a blockage against handle misplacement (turn-tilt windows),

  • in our standard version: fittings with two anti-burglary pins per sash,

  • optional glazing units wide up to 41 mm,

  • possible use of concealed fittings,

  • a possible use of a central handle,

  • a possible use of a gaping brake controlled with a handle,

  • a possibility of joining a frame with various types of window sashes (Classic-line or Round-line).