MB Slide

Provides additional thermal insulation. Intended for the construction of sliding doors and windows that can be embedded in brick walls, aluminium façades, and permanent window structures based on MB-59.


  • frame depth: 50 and 97 mm,

  • leaf depth: 37 mm,

  • glazing with glass packages (24 mm wide),

  • max. leaf weight: 160 kg

  • with a thermal break,

  • large leafs available: up to 2.6 m high and 1.8 m wide,

  • structures consisting of up to 6 leafs may be created,

  • duo-colour structures are available,

  • multiple possibilities – frame with two or three guiding rails available,

  • for individual and large structures,

  • Giesse and Sobineo Penta-Lock hardware types available.