MB-86 Fold Line

Folding door system MB-86 Fold Line is an ideal solution for the construction of terraces and extensive passageways between rooms. This system has extremely high technical parameters, making it easy to create structures with large dimensions.


  • three-chamber system

  • construction depth 86 mm for door frames and 77 mm for door leaves

  • thermally insulated system

  • thermal breaks - width 24 mm for door frames and 34 mm for door leaves

  • max. weight of wings up to 100 kg

  • max. height of wings up to 2700 mm

  • max. width of wings up to 1000 mm

  • classical or low threshold

  • glazing from 14 to 61.5 mm

  • compatibility with the MB-86 window and door system (joining profiles and some structural, gaskets and accessories common to both systems)