Recommended for energy efficient construction. The system gives you great design possibilities as it is durable, rigid, and has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Can be used to build doors up to 3 metres high.


  • frame depth (door/window): 77 mm,

  • leaf/sash depth (door/window): 77/86 mm,

  • glazing depth (window): frame 13.5-58.5 mm,

  • glazing depth (door): 13.5-58.5 mm,

  • max. window dimensions: height up to 2400 mm, width up to 1700 mm,

  • max. weight of the leaf/sash (door/window) – 200/150 kg

  • Despiro aluminium door can be installed,

  • with a thermal break,

  • additional insulator (Aero or SI) can be used,

  • installing a concealed sash is possible,

  • one-chamber or two-chamber glass packages available,

  • duo-colour varnishing,

  • concealed hardware can be used,

  • renovation windows are available,

  • profiles can be bent, arched windows are available (permanent glazing),

  • PSK structures are available.

  • building a balcony with a threshold is possible,

  • compatible with MB-77HS.