MB-77 HS

Exclusive lift and slide doors, characterised by large dimensions and top thermal insulation properties. This innovative solution enables you to join leafs at 90 degrees without installing a permanent post in the corner. Enjoy a wide passageway without any obstructions.


  • frame depth – 174 mm (2 guiding rails), 271 mm (3 guiding rails),

  • leaf depth: 77 mm,

  • glazing with glass packages up to 58.5 mm width,

  • max. leaf weight: 400 kg

  • with a thermal break,

  • large leafs available: up to 3.2 m high and 3.3 m wide,

  • structures consisting of up to 6 leafs may be created,

  • frames available in two versions – with two and three guiding rails,

  • a low threshold can be installed,

  • rectangular glazing strips,

  • special shape of pane gaskets and hopper gaskets,

  • profiles can be used with manually and automatically latched hardware,

  • "HS-Master" drive can be used,