Intended for construction of indoor elements such as windows, ticket box offices, vestibules, showcases, and partition walls. MB-45 can be used for outdoor joinery only for elements that do not require thermal insulation.


  • frame depth (door/window): 45 mm,

  • leaf/sash depth (door/window): 45/54 mm,

  • glazing thickness (permanent window/active window): 2-25 mm/ 2-34 mm,

  • max. T&T window dimensions: height up to 2400 mm (1850 mm), width up to 1250 (1600 mm),

  • max. weight of the leaf/sash (door/window) – 120/130 kg

  • one-chamber profile structure,

  • cold aluminium, no thermal break,

  • single VSG panes can be installed,

  • concealed hardware can be used,

  • doors are available without a threshold (brush or drop-down threshold),

  • swing doors are available,

  • profiles can be bent, arched windows are available (permanent glazing).