Ideal 4000 New 

A combination of the most popular solutions with a six-chamber frame structure allowed to obtain better thermal insulation of a window. The high standard is based on the product  tested and appreciated on the market.


  • a 6-chamber structure of a frame;

  • a 5-chamber structure of a sash,

  • the profile depth: 85 mm,

  • in the standard version: open steel 1,5 mm thick,

  • in the standard version: a blockage against handle misplacement (a turn-tilt window),

  • in the standard version: hardware equipped with two anti-burglary pins per sash,

  • a white and brown core,

  • a 2-gaskets system,

  • glazed units up to the width of 41 mm,

  • available in options with a straight or semi-flush sash,

  • possible to use concealed hinges,

  • recommended for multi-family housing.