Blockprofil NL

The system designed for the Dutch market and as it provides the different installation options, it can be obtained with two types of frames. Furthermore, we can produce the Blockprofil NL system with the use of the innovative HFL method of joining profiles.


  • a frame depth: 120 mm, 

  • a sash depth: 70 mm,

  • a 3-chamber frame structure,

  • a 5-chamber sash structure,

  • in our standard version: a mechanism preventing a handle from being misplaced (side-hung casement windows),

  • in our standard version: two anti-burglar latches per sash,

  • a microventilation in our standard versions (side-hung casement windows),

  • the 2-gaskets system,

  • white and brown cores,

  • a possiblility to apply the HFL technology,

  • concealed fittings possible to apply,

  • a central handle possible to install,

  • a possibility to use glazed units up to 41 mm in width.